Here is good one on 9/11, watched it long time ago, actually after this I started to get a glimpse of a big picture and urge to dig deeper. May seem dated, but facts are facts, they do not get old.

9/11 Mysteries is a highly engaging and absolutely compelling documentary, that quietly and efficiently utterly dismantles the U.S. Government’s official 9.11 narrative. It provides essentially 90 minutes of expert demolition evidence and scientific analysis, alongside some staggering eyewitness testimonials.

It successfully moves from “the myth” through “the analysis” and onto “the players,”, with careful deconstruction of the official U.S. story…and it clearly elucidates the scientific evidence.

***Disclaimer: Don’t watch this is you think government is always honest and forthright with their investigations. And if you still believe Oswald killed Kennedy, this may be far too disturbing to your senses.


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